Menu Celebrations

This type of menu is designed for large groups, celebrations, birthday parties, etc. This menu will allow you to choose between specific dishes and multiply by the number of people invited. The selection will automatically calculate the total cost and the price per person, due to the number indicated at the beginning of the form.

Complete the following PDF form, with your options from our menu card. Start by indicating the number of people and the form will automatically calculate the price per person and the total cost for the group. Once you complete the form, click the Submit button at the bottom and the form will be emailed to us. We will reply as soon as possible with more details to continue with the reservation.

Menu Pica-Pica

To snack in the center of the table:

Bread with tomato
Green salad
Steamed mussels or marinara sauce
Ham and chicken croquettes
Squids at «Andaluza» style

Second dish to choose:

Seafood Paella, Paella del Señorito, Black Rice or Fideua
Codfish confit with samfaina
Grilled sirloin or ribeye with potatoes


flan with cream
Catalan cream

Price: 42€ VAT included
This menu does not include drinks